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Net Operation Format

This is ___________________________ calling to order the Tuscarawas County Amateur Radio Emergency Net and Journal of the Air. This net meets every Monday night at 8 p.m. local time on the Tusco Amateur Radio Club repeater, W8ZX operating on 146.730 megahertz.

In the unlikely event of a repeater failure during this net, or during any emergency communications, all stations are to go to 146.925.  If that repeater should be unavailable, all operation should then be transferred to 146.730 simplex. The net control station (NCS) will then give further instructions and may appoint one or more assistant net control operators to act as relay stations.

The purpose of this net is to provide emergency communications for the Tuscarawas County area by encouraging amateur radio stations to participate in such communications and to provide those stations with news and bulletins of interest to radio amateurs.

It is not necessary to be a member of any particular group to check in to this net. This net operates under the direction of Emergency Coordinator for Tuscarawas County, John Mako KD8VQK.

·        At this point if there is a “Silent Key” from the club to remember this week, ask for one minute of silence in that person’s name (call).

Net control for this session is ___________________________ and my name is ___________________________.

At this time mobile, portable or time-valued stations only.  Check in by calling ___________________________. Please state your call, name, and if you have traffic for the net.

1.      List check-ins and note if they have traffic then come back to them later. Prior to going to the list for comments, acknowledge check-ins by call and name after five (5) check-ins.

2.      After mobile/portable/time-valued check-ins take check-ins by area

·        Dover/New Philadelphia

·        North of Dover/New Philadelphia including Stark and Portage Counties

·        East of New Philadelphia including Harrison County

·        Midvale, Uhrichsville area

·        Newcomerstown area

·        Sugarcreek area

·        Holmes, Coshocton and Guernsey Counties

·        Muskingum County

·        Anyone Anywhere

3.      Next go to anyone that has traffic for the net. (Net control should send traffic stations to simplex or another repeater to handle traffic and return to the net when finished.)

4.      When check ins are complete make announcements:

·        Club meetings

·        Hamfests within 100 mile area

·        Contests and special events, etc.

5.      Ask for additional check-ins.

6.      Comments from stations checked in.

7.      Final check-ins.

8.      Items for swap and shop.

9.      Thanks for checking in. This is ___________________________ returning this repeater to general amateur use.

10.    Report check-ins and time to John Mako KD8VQK.

Please contact John Mako (KD8VQK) if you are willing to help as net control during a weekly net.

Revised April 2016