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Be it known that, effective February 19, 1970, the Countywide Amateur Radio Club and the Tusco Radio Club, Inc., merged into one unit, now being known as the TUSCO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC.

Be it also known that, effective April 5, 1979, the Tri-County VHF Radio Association, Inc. and the Tusco Radio Club, Inc., merged into one unit, now being known as the TUSCO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC.

Whereas, a group of radio amateurs, in the Tuscarawas County area, have joined together as a club, with the purpose of furthering their knowledge and operating ability and promoting interest in amateur radio.

Be it hereby resolved, that the TUSCO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC., is organized and the aims and objectives of the club are:

1. To make available our knowledge, skill and equipment, in supplying communications in time of need.

2. To promote the highest standards of amateur radio operating procedures.

3. To aid and encourage others, who have a genuine interest in amateur radio, to obtain an F.C.C. amateur radio operators license.

4. To act as a clearinghouse for problems arising to members in the pursuit of amateur radio activities.

5. To present informative programs of interest to the members.

6. As individuals, to take an active interest in the Club and support its projects.

7. To welcome to our ranks, all who hold an amateur radio operator’s license and all who have a genuine interest in amateur radio, subject only to the limits placed in our constitution and by-laws.

8. To endeavor to obtain funds to support the Club.

9. To obtain clubrooms and to equip and maintain as complete an amateur radio station as feasibly possible.

10. To provide the monetary and personal resources necessary for operating and maintaining one or more Club sponsored repeaters.

In view of the above, we do hereby constitute ourselves, the TUSCO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC. and do enact this Preamble, Constitution and By-Laws, as our governing law. TUSCO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC.




SECTION 1 –– All persons interested in amateur radio shall be eligible for membership.

Membership shall be by application and election, upon such terms, as the Club shall, by its

constitution, provide.


SECTION 1 –– The officers of the club shall be:

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Activities Manager

The Board of Directors shall consist of the five [5] elected officers as voting directors, with the immediate past president serving as an ex- officio member and Chairman of the Board, without a vote. To be elected, all must hold a valid amateur radio operator's license and be a full member, in good standing.

SECTION 2 –– The nomination and election of officers shall be held at the first regularly scheduled meeting in March, each year. The election shall be by secret ballot, with the simple majority, of those voting, being considered sufficient to elect an officer. The elected officers shall take office at the first regularly scheduled meeting in April, each year. The membership shall be notified, by mail, of each upcoming election, at least thirty [30] days prior to such election. A notice in the newsletter will meet this requirement.

SECTION 3 –– Officer vacancies occurring between elections must be filled at, or before, the 2nd regular meeting after the withdrawal, or resignation, becomes effective. The Board of Directors shall appoint a full member to fill such vacancy.

SECTION 4 –– Officers may be removed by a three-fourths [3/4] vote of the total voting membership of the Club.


SECTION 1 –– Regular meetings shall be held each calendar month. Special meetings shall be called by the President, upon the written request of any five [5] members or as he deems necessary. Special notices shall be sent to all members, informing them of the special meeting

and the business to be transacted. Such notices shall be sent, that in the ordinary postal delivery, they shall be received at least twenty-four [24] hours prior to the time set therein for the meeting. A quorum, for all regular Club meetings, shall consist of at least five [5] voting members.


SECTION 1 –– The membership of the Club shall be subdivided into two [2] divisions: full member and sustaining member. Full members must possess a valid Amateur Radio Operators License and will have voting privileges. Sustaining members will be all other members. Sustaining members shall NOT be required to possess a valid Amateur Radio Operators License. They do NOT have voting privileges and will pay reduced dues, as specified in Section 8 of the By-Laws.

SECTION 2 –– Life membership is an honorary designation bestowed on a member by the Board of Directors. Life members retain all privileges of Full membership and all further dues are waived.

SECTION 3 –– The Club may levy, upon the membership, such dues, as shall be deemed necessary, for the business of the organization within its objectives, as set forth in the Preamble.


SECTION 1 –– There shall be a Club License Trustee, whose responsibility will be to act as the Club's agent in maintaining the Club's Amateur Radio Station license. He shall have the powers, to apply for, modify, or renew said license, that are deemed in the best interests of the Club. He shall also serve as Club Repeater Licensee. He shall assure any and all repeaters are operated in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Directors, in compliance with applicable law.

SECTION 2 –– The Club License Trustee shall serve a continuing term of office, with appointment to be made on an annual basis, by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors. Vacancies in the position of Club License Trustee will be filled at the next regular club meeting, following the occurrence of the vacancy.


SECTION 1 - Robert's Rules of Order shall govern proceedings, except when specifically overridden by articles of this Constitution.


SECTION 1 –– The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds [2/3] majority vote of full members voting, taken by written ballot. Proposed amendments must be submitted, in writing, to the Board of Directors. Within thirty [30] days of receipt of such a proposal, the Board will submit such proposal in Ballot form, along with the Board's recommendation, in writing, by mail, to all full members. To be valid, all ballots must be submitted to the Club Secretary, within thirty [30] days from date of mailing such ballots. The Board of Directors will count the ballots and at the next regular meeting, announce the results.

SECTION 2 –– By-Laws may be added to or amended at any meeting, by a two-thirds [2/3] majority vote of the voting members present, providing the amendment or addition, has been read at two [2] prior consecutive meetings. Additions or amendments must be submitted IN WRITING to the Club Secretary for reading at the meeting. Oral motions for changes or additions will NOT be accepted.