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SECTION 1 –– Applications for membership shall be submitted at a regular meeting, in writing.

Each applicant must express a willingness to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and such Other rules as shall be promulgated by the Club, Two-thirds [2/3] majority, of those present and. voting at a meeting, shall approve the applicant, before he or she shall be considered elected to membership.

SECTION 2 –– The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and conduct the same according to the rules adopted. He shall enforce due observance of this Constitution and decide All questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the Club and no others. He shall perform all customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

SECTION 3 –– The Vice President shall assist the President in conducting Club affairs and shall assume all the duties of the President, in the absence of the latter. He shall keep and maintain accurate records of the location and condition of all Club owned equipment and supplies.

SECTION 4 –– The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings, keep .a roll of members, carry on all correspondence and read communications at each meeting. It shall he the duty of the Secretary to keep the Constitution of the TUSCO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC. and to have it with him at every regular and special meeting. He shall cause all amendments, changes and additions, to be noted thereon and shall permit the same to be consulted by members, upon request. He shall also keep a log of all guests present at each meeting. At expiration of his term of office, all records and Club property shall be turned over to his successor.

SECTION 5 –– The Treasurer shall receive and receipt for all monies paid to the Club and keep an accurate~ account of all monies received and expended. Recurring bills [e.g. electric, insurance, printing of QRM, subscriptions, etcetera] are to be paid routinely. Bills for repeater expenses, up to $300.00 are authorized. Other non-recurring bills up to $100.00 may be paid with the approval of the President or Vice President. All other expenditures are to be authorized by a majority vote of those present at a regular meeting. The Treasurer shall submit an itemized statement of disbursements and receipts, at least once each month, being due at or before the second meeting of each month. At the expiration of his term of office, all Club records, Club property and Club monies, in his possession, shall be turned over to his successor.

SECTION 6 –– The Activities Manager shall be responsible for organizing and directing all Club operating activities, as directed by a vote of the club membership. He shall serve as the focal point for all Public Relations activities. He shall take charge in the absence of both the President and Vice President. The Activities Manager shall function as the liaison between the Tusco Amateur Radio Club and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). The Activities Manager shall handle all necessary paperwork to ensure that the Club is on record as an ARRL affiliated radio club, and shall handle other ARRL involvements as may be appropriate.

SECTION 7 –– Regular meetings shall be held on the first and third Thursdays of each calendar month. The first meeting will be primarily a business meeting. The second meeting will be primarily a program meeting, with only pressing business being conducted. Reading of the minutes and the treasurer's report may be waived, at any meeting. The President or theBoard of Directors may cancel or reschedule any meeting for valid reasons [e.g. weather, holidays. etc.].

SECTION 8 –– Dues shall be due April 1 of each year and may be prorated for new members or for a change in membership status. After a sixty [60] day delinquency, non-payment of such dues will be cause for loss of membership privileges.

The amount of dues will be determined by the Board of Directors yearly and announced by January I, for the dues year beginning April 1. Dues will be assessed as follows:


MEMBER FAMILY 50%         



A full member must be a licensed amateur. Full members WILL have voting rights, MAY hold an elective office and WILL receive a copy of the monthly news bulletin.

A licensed member, living in the same household as an individual full member, may become a full member, at a reduced rate. These members WILL have voting rights, MAY hold an elected

office, but WILL NOT receive a copy of the monthly news bulletin.

A licensed amateur, living in the same household, as an individual full member may become a

sustaining member, at a reduced rate. These members WILL NOT have voting rights, MAY NOT hold an elected office and WILL NOT receive a copy of the news bulletin.

Anyone interested in amateur radio may become a sustaining member. A sustaining member DOES NOT have voting rights and CAN NOT hold an office. These members WILL receive a copy of the monthly news bulletin.

SECTION 9 –– Upon successful completion of a club sponsored novice class; the Club will provide a complimentary sustaining membership, for the remainder of that year, to each novice. This may be converted to a full membership upon payment of the difference in dues. Recommended for adoption, effective April 1, 1988.

R. B. Hubble WB8TVA President

R. R. Lindimore K8ZJG Vice President

D A. Lomady WD8CKK Secretary and' Activities Manager

C. W. McEaneney KC8QK Treasurer

Adopted April 1, 1988, by vote of members. No negative votes.


Revised September 1, 2015, to reflect changes in Article III, Section 1 (Approved in 2013), By- Law Section 7 (approved in 2014), and By-Law Section 6 (approved in 2015).